Student Exchange

Course Plan and Credit Load Requirement

All outbound exchange students should prepare a course plan prior to their exchange. They should select courses from the host institution which are relevant to their major programme. The course registration form should be signed by the Assistant Programme Leader.

All outbound EE exchange students are required to take no less than 12 credits (European credit system: no less than 20 credits) or equivalent; or fullfill the minimum workload of the host University for one semester during the exchange studies. Any reduction of study load must be finally approved by the Assistant Major Programme Leader with recommendation by the EE Student Exchange Coordinator prior to or during the exchange.  Click here for the application form. Late applications sent in after your exchange will NOT be accepted unless extenuating justifications are given. Failure to fulfill this will result in partial or total withdrawal of cash award or scholarship provided by the University.

Last Updated :24 Mar 2022