Department of Electrical Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)

Academic Honesty & Lab Safety

Academic Honesty

As part of the University’s efforts to promote a culture of academic honesty, students are required to read an online tutorial and take a quiz. An online declaration should be submitted through the academic honesty website by 30 NovemberStudents failing to complete the requirement by the deadline will not be able to access their course grades online.

Students under the Age of 18 and Parental Consent Form for Lab Safety
To enable students under 18 to enter into laboratories as required by individual courses, please visit the  and complete the   in relation to Safety Regulations in Laboratories. The form should be signed by your parents and be returned to the department before the start of the teaching period, i.e. 31 August 2020 (Monday). More details will be sent to students through e-mail.


Last Updated : 20 Aug 2020