Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Student innovative design ideas showcased through their Final Year Projects

The Final Year Project is a major component of the major. It is aimed to provide a vehicle whereby the student can integrate ideas, concepts and skills obtained during the study and channel them into the production of a novel idea or a product.

LLC Resonant Converter for Data Centers by LIU Yuxi (ECE) – 2022/23
ECE_2023_ LIU Yuxi_Bronze170.png
Final Year Project Competition Bronze Prize 2023
Toward Electromagnetic Hand Gesture Detection on a Cellular Phone by CHANG Minseok (ECE) – 2021/22
ECE_2022_CHANG Minseok_Merit170.png
Final Year Project Competition Merit Prize 2022
Cryptographic Hardware and Secure Processor Design by ZHAO, Yifei (ECE) – 2020/21
Final Year Project Competition Gold Prize 2021
Lidar-based Indoor Positioning System by LI, Kam Hung (ECE) – 2020/21
Final Year Project Competition Merit Prize 2021
An IOT Based Aquarium System by WAN, Chun Hei (ECE) – 2020/21
Final Year Project Competition Merit Prize 2021